Episode 01: Gettin' Beebed

Questions Answered

  1. I want a larger follower account but I’m finding it difficult to get more than two in a day. What can I do? -From The_Potato on Twitter

  2. What is the chord progression during the intro of the ABC series 'Greek'? -From Yahoo Answers User Resuin

  3. How do I get my incredibly talented artist friends to draw more? -From SpamBot

  4. I went on a first date with this guy, I didn't know what to say to him? So a guy I knew went on a date with me today. I was really excited beforehand and I couldn't wait to see him, I really like him alot, no words can describe it. So anyways, we went to a movie and the when it was over we walked around but I didn't have much to say, neither did him. Felt sort of awkward, I did want to say something I just didn't know what. So I hope to GOD that there's going to be another date with him soon. Need advice on what to talk about. -From Kaitlin W.

  5. I really need advice on how to add, oh, about 10 hours to my day. Can you help? -From Suzanne Iles on Twitter

  6. Ryan Gann is afraid of bees, wasps, and hornets. When he wears red shirts in the spring they seem to go near me. What do I do? -From Ryan Gann

  7. How many times a week should I shampoo my hair? I’m currently on a wash thrice shampoo every third wash cycle. -From ScraddyBones on Twitter

  8. Dear MBMBAM, I’m looking for love. Not the sicko type, but if I find that I’m not opposed; any ideas? - From @WorkingStiffPro (Bob Ball from the later introduced cool baby intro?)

  9. What is the first song that comes to mind when I say the word "Party"? -From Yahoo Answers User Tara.

Final Question

Can birds get allergies? -From Yahoo Answers User Mally

Notable Quotes

"Justin Bieber is super talented" - Griffin McElroy