Episode 29: The Quickening

"The Quickening" is the 29th episode of My Brother, My Brother and Me, which was originally broadcast on November 8th, 2010 at 2:41 PM.


"Fact: 66.6 percent (repeating) of the brothers McElroy were born on this very day, 30 and 27 years ago. This very special episode is a look back on some of the biggest moments of their lives. By which we mean the biggest events of everyone's lives who sent in questions this week, and also some strangers on Yahoo Answers. By which we mean: A regular show.

Suggested talking points: Cat on Lap, Sodoko, Mancoon Buscemi, retail Highlander, world's best lover, (emotional waves), Sexual Edge, Good Sun Setting, eureka."



(Justin) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Travis and Justin. Happy birthday to us.

(Griffin) So unfair.

(Justin) Best day of the year.

(Griffin) Why couldn't they like...our, our parents are intelligent people, why why couldn't they have, you know, timed it out so that I would have come out on a...I have to wait another like six months for mine!

(Justin) I know. Today is Travis and Justin's birthday. Justin, that's me. Me and Travis. It is our birthday. Um, and we're celebrating in style.

(Travis) I always found it weak that when we were growing up and Griffin was still a small, wee babe he would get presents on our birthday-

(Griffin) Shit yeah I did!

(Travis) -because he couldn't be the only one of the three who didn't.

(Justin) Right, he didn't understand.

(Travis) Weaksauce.

(Griffin) Do you know why that happened? Because-

(Travis) You were a baby?

(Griffin) -I would have cried if I didn't.

(Justin) Yeah, because he had a baby Cro-Magnon brain. Baby brains and Cro-Magnon brains are basically the same thing. But it is our birthday, we're celebrating in the only way we know how: by taking your ignorance of certain topics, turning it alchemy into wisdom. Uh...this is My Brother, My Brother and Me, it's an advice show for the mmmmm-odern era. Let's just get right into it. I wanna cut through a lot-

(Travis) The red tape.

(Justin) -The red tape. Cut through all the business and just really get down into this deep. So let's start off with an email, it says.

Listener Question #1 (2:11)

"I have a cat who is generally a bit stand-offish. She doesn't snuggle, doesn't much like being picked up. The only time she wants to get on my lap is when I'm in the bathroom, tending to secondary biological output. I have always enjoyed her company as an alternative to reading or staring blankly at the wall. My husband, however, thinks the whole thing is weird and I should leave the door shut, ignore her plaintive 'meows' and get on with my business myself. She seems so sad when I don't let her in though. Please give me some guidance here.

(Griffin) Who's that from?