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"Spaghettageddon" is the 55th episode of My Brother, My Brother and Me, which was originally broadcast on May 16, 2011 at 8:44 AM.


"We did another episode together in the same room, sitting on the same couch. We're very, very sorry about the slight dip in sound quality, but we do not apologize for the weird, weird things we say due to our proximity. See you guys at Pasta Party 2012!

Suggested talking points: Destination Wedding, Ally McBathroom, A Frame for Fame, The Gym Ruiner, French Science/British Crime, The Pussycat Discography, The Book of Robots, Sister Sister, The Shrek Ending, Violet Bonergard"



(Griffin) Live - Live from the spot. Rough and raw, at our daddy's house. We're at our daddy's house. Let me check the date. I just opened up the calendar, it's Pasta Party 2011.

(Justin) Welcome to our daddy's house. We're live from our daddy's couch-

(Griffin) Let me check the spaghettometer, because it looks like we're going full-blown pasta!

(Travis) Spaghett-it-on!

(Griffin) Spaghettageddon! 2011!

(Justin) As you well know, as you've probably guessed we had a, we carbo loaded pre-show here in Ironton. Our stepmom Carol fed us a bunch of spaghetti, we're fuckin' primed for comedy-

(Travis) Force-fed us spaghetti! Against our will!

(Justin) She looked down our throat and said "You're not fuckin' funny enough eat some more spaghetti!"

(Griffin) She shoved spaghett fist-full after fist-full of sweet spaghett into my mouth. I am ready to blow.

(Justin) Noodle up, you unfunny fucks! Time to get spaghett! You dumb [chuckles] you got spaghett!

(Travis) Spa-got, you fucker!

(Justin) You got spaghotten!

(Griffin) For real though, rough and raw. I know people have become accustomed to a certain level of editing juice applied to this show... This is not gonna be one of those eps this is gonna be rough, raw: just cut it, set it, forget it.

(Justin) I, uh, I, we- we are gathered around one mic; the last time we did this, two of us were jet-lagged-

(Travis) And I was drunk!

(Justin) And Travis was drunk. So it's not gonna be like this. This is My Brother, My Brother and Me, it's an advice show for the modren era. I am your most excellent eldest brother, Justin McElroy.

(Travis) And I am the middlest brother, Travis McElroy.

(Griffin) And I'm Griffin. And I'm a child.

(Justin) This is an advice show, we take your questions and turn them into advice. I am drinking a Red Stripe, so this show is coming to you straight from the islands. Feel the rhythm!

(Travis) I've got a Red Stripe going, and an amber brown. No, honey brown, excuse me.

(Justin) I just spilled it on my... Travis, Travis got a beer before we started and then said "I'm gonna need a beer." He had a beer, he has a backup beer waiting-

(Travis) So just so you guys know, if I need an extra burst of energy you'll hear quiet [hissing noise of Travis emulating beer can opening, making 'ahh' sound].

(Justin) And you'll know, because we'll draw attention to it. Uh, our first question-

(Griffin) At some point, also, our daddy is gonna come in the room and take pictures of us, no joke, and it's gonna be super distracting, it's gonna throw us off whatever dope rhythm we're on. So get ready for that moment.

(Justin) I hope he's not, at the, if he is, if he comes through that door in the single tier because he just heard you said that I'm never forgiving you.

Listener Question #1 (3:05)

"I am getting married this summer, and one of my groomsmen is getting married a few months after me. He is having a very small destination wedding, and has decided to specifically not give his friends plus ones, even if they are married. My soon-to-be wife is understandably upset about this; some people she talked to think that I should decline to go to the wedding because she wasn't invited. Ideally I would like my fiancee to be invited, but I also understand my friend's choice to not invite any plus ones, given how small the wedding will be. How can I support my good friend and my fiancee at the same time?"
-Tristan (Not the Marine)

(Griffin) Tristan, Tristan, civilian Tristan.